Rules for students

Rules for students

  1. Attending all classes (lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical classes) for students is compulsory
  2. Group leaders are appointed by the administration of the Institute
  3. A medical student is not allowed to attend any class without a white coat
  4. During all classes, the only language of communication is English
  5. In case of late arrival, a student is not allowed to attend a class
  6. Missed (for valid reason) seminars, practical or laboratory classes must be made up within 10 work days from the date of a missed class
  7. Speaking and using any supplementary materials and gadgets during tests and exams is strictly prohibited. The student who violates this rule will receive lower mark at the first warning, and at the second warning he or she must leave the classroom and his test or exam paper will not be accepted
  8. Students must regularly familiarize themselves with new information posted on the information stand (next to room 362) or the official internet resources of the Institute.
  9. Smoking on the territory of the University is strictly prohibited.
  10. Students must adhere to rules of common courtesy, as well as the cleanliness and order in the Institute.
  1. Leaders must record the absences of all students of their group in the journal of attendance in all classes and at the end of each class submit the journal to the teacher for signing.
  2. The time for performing tests and exams is limited by the teacher. Test/exam papers must be handed to the teacher precisely on time. If a student gives his or her test/exam paper later, then it is not accepted.
  3. In order to make up a missed class, a student must obtain permission from the deputy director of the Institute at room 363 (write a request in his name, indicating the name of the discipline, teacher, the date of the missed class, and the reason why the student was absent).
  4. If a student misses a test or exam without a valid reason, he or she loses the points which could have been obtained during the missed test/exam.
  5. If a student does not make up all missed classes, he or she is not allowed to participate in an examination session.
  6. Examination session is held at a certain time according to the Schedule of the Educational Process, which is drawn up for the academic year and approved by the rector of the University and published on the information stand and the website of the Institute
  7. If a student is late for any lesson (lecture, seminar, practical or laboratory class), the student is not allowed to attend it. In which case, the student must register in room 107 (write down his/her name and date in the journal, sign up at the arrival and leaving) and be there until the next lesson begins.
  8. Re-evaluation of students’ level of knowledge (re-writing of tests or exams, re-work of a practical / laboratory works, etc.) is not allowed.
  9. In case of problems or issues related to studies, the student should contact the group's leader, who will report this to group mentor in the first instance, and then if necessary the latter will report it to the administration of the Institute).
  10. If a student does not start to attend classes for a valid reason within 10 days after the start of an academic year, he or she will be expelled from the University.


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